About FluteKeys Studio

At FluteKeys, students in elementary grades through adult enhance their knowledge and musical experiences through private study. In addition to private lessons, there are two flute choirs. The studio also schedules an annual recital.

Being a FluteKeys student means more than just taking a lesson once a week. It means developing poise and self-confidence in your ability to learn, grow, and achieve. Whether selecting a step-up instrument, getting braces, or preparing for performances, I am here to advise you whenever you have flute-related questions.

The students are not the only ones learning! As a teacher and musician I grow and expand my knowledge through continued playing and interacting with my flute students and their families, as well as my involvement with professional groups including the National Flute Association (NFA).


Creating music is such a meaningful and engaging avenue of expression that many draw on its enrichment for the rest of their lives. Developing musicianship on flute is rewarding and fun; each lesson is a welcome opportunity for me to share the joy of music with FluteKeys students and their families. Positive attitudes combined with achievable challenges and a commitment to excellence are the keys to building skills and experiencing musical success, as years of teaching have consistently shown. FluteKeys students treasure the many rewards that musical accomplishments can bring.

FluteKeys Studio Policies


Students from 2nd grade through adult study at FluteKeys. Students younger than 4th grade may begin study after consultation, with 2 lessons per week recommended until 4th grade.


Preferably, once weekly lessons are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Lessons are generally 30 or 45 minutes in duration and are available all year, including summer. Students lose about one semester's worth of progress if they skip summer. It's worth scheduling around vacations as they arise. Click here for the current studio schedule.


Regular attendance at weekly lessons is directly related to success. These re-scheduling policies are in place to insure consistent attendance. Refunds are not given for missed lessons.

Whenever a conflict arises and you have some lead time, please endeavor to trade lesson times with another student. You'll be receiving a studio schedule with phone numbers to assist you. Please try to trade with someone before requesting a make-up lesson outside scheduled studio hours. Click here for the current studio schedule.

Requesting a make-up lesson outside scheduled studio hours for social reasons or forgetfulness will incur the cost of an additional lesson.

In cases of unexpected emergency conflicts with your regular lesson time (e.g., illness, a family death, or a car that won't start), please notify the studio immediately. It is your responsibility to re-schedule within a month of the missed lesson, for no additional cost.

If the studio must unexpectedly cancel a lesson during the school year, I will take responsibility for scheduling a make-up lesson without any additional tuition fee.


Tuition includes:

  • Weekly private one-on-one instruction
  • Course and progression of study individualized for the student
  • Solo and ensemble music selection, preparation and extra rehearsals
  • Recital music selection, preparation, and extra rehearsals
  • Annual spring recital
  • Help finding an accompanist, if needed
  • Occasional ensemble work during lesson
  • Help with music from school
  • Discounts on SmartMusic and other packages
  • Help with flute-related questions whenever the need arises

The student's family is responsible for the purchase of the instrument, music, and other accessories and materials used in the course of study. The cost of an accompanist is also the family's responsibility.

For the school months of September through May:

Tuition is based on 36 possible lessons for the school year, averaged across 9 months. Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of lessons that particular month. This way the amount stays the same every month with no re-calculation necessary.

Tuition payments are accepted monthly at the first lesson of the month. Refunds are not given for missed lessons.

For the summer months of June, July, and August:

Tuition is calculated on a month-to-month basis according to expected attendance for that month. If you know you will be away during part of a particular month, you are charged only for those lessons you plan to attend. If you must miss a lesson because of illness or other emergencies, I will attempt to schedule a make-up within one month of the missed lesson.

Performance Opportunities

The Andante and Allegro Flute Choirs will perform once or twice during fall semester and during the annual spring recital.

Solo and ensemble performances are presented at a public recital for FluteKeys students every spring. All my private students are strongly encouraged to participate in these opportunities.

Additionally, the public schools participate in an annual SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTEST each winter, in which my students are encouraged to perform.

FluteKeys Studio:      (217) 355-9498     info@flutekeys.com