In Memory of Keegan Bannon

A life loving life

keeganOn Wednesday, February 17, 2010, Keegan Bannon, a 17-year-old senior student of mine, had what was expected to be routine gall bladder surgery. Unexpected medical conditions became apparent during surgery, which the doctors attempted to rectify, but Keegan did not survive.

Keegan had been preparing the Faure Sicilienne for contest, even though he had been playing for only about a year and was primarily a sax player. He had been looking at universities and was making plans for his future. He was kind, sensitive, charming, and musical, and just a great individual who loved life. He was active physically, with playing tennis on the high school tennis team. That such a thriving presence could be removed so early is a profound loss we will always feel.

Knowing him has enriched my life. The world is a poorer place without him. Remember and cherish him. To Keegan!

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