Area Music Program Directors

Here is what local directors are looking for in their students.

Mr. Kelly, East Central Illinois Youth Orchestra
* Maturity in all aspects of musicianship.

Mr. Allen, Champaign Centennial High School Bands
* Know all major scales and arpeggios.
* Nice full tone with vibrato.
* Know how to make tuning adjustments
* Work to expand the high range.
* Good playing posture-no draping
   elbow over back of chair.

Mr. Currey, Champaign Central High School Bands
  * Big sound.
* Controlled and refined vibrato.
* Technique.
* Upper register intonation.

Mrs. Currey, Champaign Central High School Bands
  * Good tone.
* Good rhythm.
* Good pitch.

Mr. Hicks, Urbana High School Bands
* Accurate rhythms
* Steady tempo
* Big, round sound

Ms. Park, St. Thomas More High School Bands
* Big sound.
* Chromatic scales.
* Other fundamentals.

Mr. Murphy,University High School Music

Ms. Debauche, Urbana Middle School Bands
* Sit tall.
* Use fast air - correct breathing.
* Keep head up.
* Play with a nice, big sound.
* Have fun! :)

Ms. Lodes, Urbana Middle School Bands
"I expect my flute players to work on embouchure to play with the biggest, fullest sound possible."  

Ms. Branch, Edison Middle School Bands
* Pretty tone.
* Clean articulation.

Mr. Brown, Franklin Middle School Bands
  * Good tone
* Right fingerings

Ms. Fernsberg, Jefferson Middle School Bands
* Warm, supported tone (with vibrato when you're ready).
* Good finger technique (do your fingers know where they're going,
   or are they still hunting?)
* Clean articulation with TONE
   right from the beginning
   of the sound.
* OWN your upper register. This is where OK flutists stop and
   GREAT flutists soar.
* If Sue assigns you scales and pattern studies then
   1) Smile, 2) Nod, and 3) Practice.
   These will make you the sight reader you wish you were.

Ms. Woolwine, Holy Cross School
  • clean articulation
  • clear and pure sound (especially upper-register)
  • dedication to practicing
  • a positive attitude

Mr. Anderson, Campus Middle School for Girls

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