Sue Garton, Teacher

Welcome to FluteKeys Studio, where private flute lessons are just the beginning of a series of motivating and enriching musical experiences.

FluteKeys Studio is located at 1202 Devonshire Drive in Champaign, just a few minutes from the University of Illinois, Urbana and Savoy. Private flute lessons are offered to individuals by flute teacher Sue Garton. Students range from second grade through adult. A free trial flute lesson is encouraged, and parents are always welcome. Click here to read more about FluteKeys policies.

At FluteKeys Studio students perform in a variety of solo and group venues. They have opportunities to play in the FluteKeys annual spring recital, as well as in one of the FluteKeys flute choirs and their school band and orchestra programs. Many perform in district and All State honor bands and the East Central Illinois Youth Orchestra, as well as other smaller ensembles.

Through the years, more and more students have joined FluteKeys Studio from virtually every Champaign-Urbana school, public and private. As a result, Ms. Garton is a sought after clinician in local band programs. Even those students who don’t major in music typically continue to play flute, earning scholarships and providing life-long enrichment.

FluteKeys Studio uses a highly individualized student-centered approach to flute instruction. Ms. Garton’s teaching style features a broad range of techniques to motivate and nurture each individual. FluteKeys students are held to, and achieve, high standards in a highly supportive environment.

A well-equipped in-home studio with computers and software minimizes overhead costs, so tuition is accessible to the greatest number of families.

Ms. Garton is an active member of both the NFA (National Flute Association) and the Chicago Flute Club. She continually hones her teaching and playing skills by attending symposia, including workshops and performances given by great flutists, such as James Galway, and the University of Illinois’ own Jonathan Keeble.

Explore FluteKeys Studio and the site’s resources. Questions and requests are encouraged and welcome.

National Flute Conventions

As an active member of the National Flute Association ( I attend their national conventions each August. Over the years I have met and heard several great flute musicians that I have mentioned during private and group sessions.

In 2017 I was able to join in a jam session with beatboxing legend Greg Pattillo's band.

blockiandsueKathy Blocki invented the Pneumo Pro, a teaching device that helps students learn to aim their airstream--important for flute playing! She also has developed an award-winning method, which I use, for teaching very young flutists. Here I am with her at the 2011 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here I am in Anaheim (2010) with composer/arranger Chrisopher Caliendo (center) and reknowned flutist Jim Walker (right). FluteKeys Allegro Choir is working on Mr. Caliendo's arrangement of La Milonga.galwayandsue

galwayandsueIn New York (2009) I got to meet James Galway. He is as charming in person as he is on stage. I also played in a flute orchestra of (officially) 1,989 flute players (there were actually over 2,000, below) that now has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest flute ensemble ever. A video excerpt / full video is available on YouTube.

In Kansas City (2008) I met beatboxing flute player and YouTube phenomenon Greg Pattillo. Click here to check out his unique approach to flute playing. pattillo and sue

trevorandsueIn 2007 I was in Albuquerque. Here I am with Trevor Wye, author of several method books for flute that I use and recommend.

In 2006 I attended the national 2006 convention in Pittsburgh and performed in the NFA flute choir. While there I heard wonderful flute ensembles and tried out some big flutes like the huge contrabass flute in the picture at right. As you can see, it is way taller than I am!


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